Pennan - James Turner (1860)

"Your letter reached me at Pennan. I am not long in one place, so I do not get my letters regularly. I am at present able to do little in the Lord's work, by reason of illness, for I am coughing a great deal, both overnight and during the day — a hard dry cough, but no blood. I got cold at Pennan, having travelled through much snow to that place, and when I got there, they had the meeting in a cold fish-house. Little good appeared to be done. The people seemed afraid, and would not go into the meeting, but stood about the door. Next day I sat by the fire from morning to night and felt very cold. At night I went to the meeting, and a good many more came into it than on the previous night. The Holy Spirit was present, and about ten o'clock, a woman became much affected and cried out for mercy. When the people saw this, they sprang out of the house, as if they were to be shot, and up with the woman and carried her off. I then went to a private house and had a prayer meeting. The Spirit was present, and I think some good was done. I left next morning, and I heard afterwards that a good many in Pennan were in a somewhat anxious state. My body must have rest, and for this purpose I intend going to Huntly for a few days in the end of this week."

"James Turner and how to reach the masses," by E McHardie, pages 33-4.

He only hints of good being done, but he lit fires of revival everywhere, I have no doubt that the fruit here was good as well.

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