Inveraray (1860)

The most stirring revival movement that took place in Inveraray was during the years of 1859-60. The Rev, Gilbert Meikle and the Rev. Robert Rose were both in hearty sympathy with such work. The entire community was deeply moved. Night after night there were fresh cases of conviction and of conversion. Many were added to the Lord and became members of the different churches. That revival is bearing gracious fruit to this day in the ends of the earth. One of the converts became a missionary of world-wide reputation. "One night the news came to Mr Meikle that James Chalmers was in the street crying aloud for mercy. Through the crisis he was wisely guided by his minister; and then the lawyer's clerk, happy in the grace of salvation, began to devote his free hours to incessant evangelistic work in the town and neighbourhood. His heart was in such work." Should the revival have had no other permanent fruit than James Chalmers, the celebrated missionary—"the Greatheart of New Guinea," as Robert Louis Stevenson called him—it deserved to be recorded as one of the most fruitful revivals of the 19th century. But it bore other fruit. The Rev. Robert Rose, towards the close of his life, used to count those of his own congregation who had been savingly blessed at that time, and who had been called home before himself.

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