Gateside (1860)

At Gateside, a small village between Dunbar and Linton, they commenced a meeting a few weeks ago, on the invita­tion of some of the inhabitants. Unaided by any minister or elder, they began and carried on the work of preaching the gospel in that village. Very soon the Spirit of God blessed their labours. Many persons who stayed to con­verse with our humble but earnest friends, were melted to tears and filled with sorrow for their sins. A. decided awakening took place in that village and its immediate neighbourhood.

On Sabbath the 6th of May, accompanied by several fishermen, I went to preach at a farm-place, near Gateside, where a large granary had been fitted up to accommodate a congregation. Nearly three hundred were present, col­lected from all the country round, and all seemed to be impressed and were most attentive hearers. About sixty remained to a second meeting, and much interesting con­verse my Dunbar friends and I had with souls in various stages of spiritual progress.

From ‘Authentic Records of Revival, now in progress in the United Kingdom, published in 1860, re-printed and edited in 1980 by Richard Owen Roberts.

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