Lammermuir Hills (1860)

An awakening began in a district of this hill-country at the close of harvest, when there were no special means employed, and when ordinary prayer meetings had been for a time suspended. Many souls were moved almost simultaneously in their own homes, and not a few of these are now rejoicing in the Lord. At one sheep-farm there are fourteen happy converts; and the work extends, in varied forms and with kindred results, in all directions. From the severity of the winter and difficulty of access, there has been little extraneous aid; but every one who went to help was made the bearer of a blessing and a recipient too, Lord has been pleased to own eminently in this work Mr Rathie, of the Free Church Station, Longformains. Opposition has assumed somewhat singular and very instructive forms. It has been a testing time for some who rather liked to hear of Revivals at a distance. Mere formality cannot bear the real and the vital close at hand.

"The Wynd Journal," March 2nd, 1861.

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