Comrie (1860)

The following is an extract from a letter sent by a young man in Comrie to his sister in Glasgow: —"God has been very gracious in sending His Holy Spirit amongst the young people here, but I trust that it may only be a few refreshing drops of the coming shower; and as it has pleased God to pour out His Spirit so abundantly on the young, we would earnestly pray that it might also reach the aged. The ministers in this place are labouring very hard amongst us. They hold a prayer meeting every night. I myself conduct a prayer meeting for the young, at which between 20 and 30 attend."

Another letter from the same place says:_ "The revival movement is progressing. The village seems to be in a commotion, some being every day aroused to see their lost state by nature. A great many have been turned from Satan, and have apparently found peace in Jesus. The meetings are held every night, and the school room is always crowded."

"The Scottish Guardian," February 7th, 1860.


Since about the end of December, last year, a very remarkable work has been going on here, and it is believed that few places in Scotland have been more graciously visited and blessed. From accounts received of the work of God's Spirit in the villages adjacent, a spirit of anxiety to participate in the blessing began to show itself among the people of God, and the result was the institution of one or two, meetings through the week. These, however, were found to be insufficient from the great numbers attending, and also from the increased anxiety that now appeared to pervade all classes.

The meetings were therefore augmented in number, and now, for a few months past, a meeting has been held every night, short addresses being delivered by the ministers of the place.

Many souls have been brought from the bondage of sin and Satan, and are now free, rejoicing in the Lord. In some streets, with an exception or two, a house will not be found in which there are not some who have experienced the love that passeth all understanding.

"The Wynd Journal," April 14th, 1860.

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