Auchinblae (1859)

On the evening of Sabbath last, in the Stonehaven Free Church, the Rev. Mr. Boddie, from Auchinblae, gave a short account of the revival work at present going on there.

The rev. gentleman stated that there was a marked improvement in the habits of the people, and an increased attendance on public worship, prayer meetings, Bible classes, &c., in all of which an evidence of seriousness was manifested.. He could not state how many were actually under conviction, but he had a list of at least seventy names himself, the majority of whom were young men from sixteen years of age upwards. He mentioned several cases of conviction, which he stated had done more than anything else to silence those who were opposed to the movement. The rev. gentleman concluded by calling upon his hearers to seek by earnest prayer for an outpouring of the Spirit upon their town and neighbourhood.

"The Scottish Guardian," October 25th, 1859.

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