Blackford (1862)

At Blackford also,  Rev. Mr M'Donald of Aberuthven is helping on the good work. We were present at the Potato-mill Sabbath evening open-air meeting. At this place many blessed words have been spoken, and also many precious souls saved. The influence of the workers there is telling on many of the people, far and near. The Sabbath evening meeting was conducted by laymen and after the solemn service was over, the house was filled with anxious inquirers. The second meeting filled the two rooms upstairs, staircase and kitchen. Many were anxious about their souls, some two or three in great distress. The Lord's presence was manifest there. After a blessed night, the people moved away home, some to several miles distant, telling their friends what of the Lord's work they saw at the Mill.


The influence of these two or three awakened souls on other farm-servants, on going home, was great. They spoke to their companions, and commenced to read the Word of God, and felt no shame to pray and encourage them to seek, just as they were, for salvation. On an early night after, we were asked to go to a farm-town to help a meeting. Accompanied by three brethren, after travelling about six miles, we reached the place about 3 o'clock. We entered the bothie, where we found four or five ploughmen. A hymn having been sung, we were kindly invited by the farmer's wife, who was a Christian, to hold our meetings in the kitchen. We did so; and after praise and prayer, an address was given. A second meeting was held, when a happy scene occurred! The ploughmen and three servant-girls were each faithfully and individually conversed with about their precious souls, and pointed to the Lamb of God who taketh away the sins of the world. Then they all fell on their knees and prayed aloud that God would have mercy on them. At a late hour we retired, accompanied by the five men, who seemed anxious, two of them in dreadful anguish of soul. We then knelt down on the road, when three or four of us prayed for nearly an hour - the big men weeping, and two of them with their faces on the cold road. All of us felt much of the presence of the blessed Jesus. After singing praise together, we with difficulty left them about midnight, and arrived home at an early hour, tired yet full of joy.

"The Wynd Journal," September 6th, 1862. 

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