Perth City Hall (1864)

We have been favoured during this week with a visit from Richard Weaver - a visit that never will be forgotten through eternity. We believe it has been blessed in bringing souls into the kingdom, to what extent cannot as yet be known. Fruit has already appeared, and much more may cast up. Often we have found the best and deepest cases not coming at first to the surface. 

He began on Sabbath evening, the 20th, in the City Hall, which was crowded to suffocation. The word was with much power, from Rom. viii. 7.

On Monday, at noon, a meeting was held, which was well attended, and he spoke with much feeling and unction from 2 Cor. iv. 17. It dropped like dew, and melted many a heart. God's people at this meeting got a great lift Zion-ward.

On Tuesday evening the hall was again full and the word from John iii 16 came with a power that moved the audience as the grain is moved by the passing breeze. The place was still as the grave and solemn as eternity.

On Wednesday evening he spoke from Rev. iii, 20 - a word that came to the conscience of not a few with overwhelming power. It was different from all the other addresses, evidently given to suit the case of many there. A few waited at the close in deep concern.

Yesterday he preached at Free St Leonard's at noon from 2 Tim iv 7,8, a time of sweet refreshing and in the evening delivered his farewell message in much bodily weakness, which made the power of God all the more manifest. Well might he use his text from Isa. iii. 1, and ask the great multitude present, "Who hath believed our report?" for he preached for eternity and the people were spell-bound to the spot. The hall could hardly be cleared and the last song sung, "Christ for me," was like the noise of many waters or the triumphant shout of a victorious army.

Dear Richard, may God bless him more abundantly. Many admire the grace manifested in him so richly. He carries from Perth the prayers of many, and the savour of his visit will be felt for days to come. He has made heaven sweeter to some of us, and when he goes home not a few will say, as Peden did at the grave of one of Scotland's noblest martyrs, Richard Cameron, as, raising his eyes to heaven, he breathed out the cry from the depths of his heart, "Oh, to be wi' Richie!"
Perth, March 25, 1864.

"The Revival," March 24th, 1864.

Additional Information

The building was replaced in 1914 by the next Town Hall

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