Holytown (1859)

Since our former notice, the good work has been progressing in connection with the Free Church steadily, and, we trust, hopefully.

Between 14th and 19th October, about a dozen persons were the affected bodily, in addition to their mental distress. It is remarkable that the cases were for the most part confined to two spots - one nearest the church, and the other at Omoa, nearly three miles off. At one time nine persons were named as having been convicted and finding peace. At another, thirty were mentioned, in addition, as quickened to anxiety and great concern about Divine things. Prayer meetings are kept up every evening. Eleven persons (many of these young converts) were publicly named and prayed for as ready and about to organise district meetings. Seven went to Wishaw the other evening to give an account of the revival and stirred up a large meeting there to prayer and exertion. Mr Thomas Lauder has been brought back as lay missionary and is doing good service. Two of the young women affected at the outset were again laid low with nervous or convulsive weakness, at a meeting at Omoa, on Tuesday last, one of them being oppresed, on inquiry, with the sin of unworthy communication. 

"The Scottish Guardian," November 4th, 1859.

Additional Information

I do not know where the Free church was.

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