St Mary's United Presbyterian Church - Moffat (1861)

In February 1861, just after dark, three young lads presented themselves in Moffett having walked all the way from Locharbriggs, a distance of 18 miles. With the consent of all the towns ministers, they arranged for a bell to be rung throughout the town, announcing a meeting at 8 pm in the United Presbyterian Church. The building was crowded and a deep impression was made. This was the commencement of a significant revival in the town. The second meeting attracted a little less than 1000 people, the stairs, passages and even the windows, being occupied. Next morning a number were in deep distress and several could be heard screeching in mental agony on account of their estrangement from God. The number truly awakened was said to have equalled or sir passed the cumulative figure for the previous 10 years.

From, 'History of the revival at Moffat in the spring of 1861', by R H A Hunter.

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