Kilberry (1859)

At the Religious Institution Rooms, on Friday, the following extract from a letter was read, showing the progress of the revival in Kilberry and Tarbert:—" We have had an awakening here. During the preaching of a sermon by the Rev. Mr M'Pherson of Killean, lately, many were in tears, and, towards the close of the prayer, a great number were crying out. A young girl of sixteen years of age got such a view of her danger that she sunk back into her seat almost in a state of unconsciousness. She addressed the people who gathered round her in Gaelic, regarding their insensibility and hardness of heart, and also prayed. She slept none that night, but she found peace in Christ the following day. You may well believe that this incident made a great impression. We are holding prayer meetings twice a week, and also on Sabbath, and the people are coming out to these meetings during the week better than they used to do on the Sabbath. At Tarbert there has been also an awakening. Last Sabbath evening being the communion, a great many were awakened on that and the subsequent evening. There are a great many inquirers and prayer meetings are held every night.  

"The Scottish Guardian,' November 29th, 1859.

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