Johnstone (1859)

A very remarkable awakening is going on in this place, Ever since last winter, when we were visited by Mr North, an earnest spirit of religious inquiry has been observable. For a time, there was nothing more, than inquiry. It seemed as if the wave that is now passing over the country and surging all around, was destined to subside and leave Johnstone untouched and unblessed, until about a fortnight since. A few cases of striking conversion occurred here and there, and now they are very frequent, at the public and social prayer-meeting, and in the Sabbath-school, and many cases occur even in factories and workshops. Meetings for united prayer are of almost nightly occurrence, and are remarkably well attended. The Free Church and Dissenting ministers, assisted by a numerous body of laymen, go hand in hand in this matter It is delightful to see so many Christian men, of different religious tenets, cooperating so heartily in this good movement. 'The fire from off the altar is breaking down the wall of sectarianism. Last Monday night, being the communion thanksgiving in the Free Church, upwards of 800 persons assembled to hear an address from the Rev. Mr Laing, of Lesmahagow, who lately visited the scene of the Revivals. In an address, of nearly two hours length, on the Mystery of the Spirit's Working, as strikingly illustrated by the facts of the Irish awakening, he discussed in their physiological, psychological, and theological bearings, the various theories set up to account for that remarkable move­ment apart from the agency of the Holy Spirit, and concluded, with what was felt by all present, to be a most powerful, con­vincing and impressive demonstration that, however many the difficulties connected with the subject, this is indeed the "doing of the Lord, and wondrous in our eyes."—Scottish Guardian.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume i, p100.

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I cannot work out where the Free Church was.

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