Lesmahagow (1859)

We are glad to say the movement is still progressing in this town. 'What a marked change is to be seen on our streets at night! It seems to be a severe stroke on the trade of our public houses. in place of light in the upper room of several of these houses at night we now see them dark, and light shining from the windows of our different churches.—Scottish Guardian.

From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume i, p182.

The Revival is going on here as hopefully as ever, with many of the encouraging characteristics and few of the draw­backs experienced in some other places. To the eye of a mere on-looker, a great change for the better has passed over the general community, and the oft-repeated exclamation of even the oldest inhabitants, "We never saw such a time as this! " seems to echo the voice of inspiration, "This is the Lord's doing; it is marvellous in our eyes." But while all classes have participated in the blessing, the effects are more marked among some than among others. Family worship is now very generally observed, so that in many a house that before echoed the sounds of drunken revelry and family brawling, the altar of morning and evening prayer has been erected. Not a few very remarkable cases of manifest conversion to God have taken place, and on investigation of these cases, it has been found that some of them are traceable to serious impressions made during the frequent open-air sermons preached on the Sabbath evenings of last summer. By the zealous efforts of these con­verts to bring others to Christ, both in this and adjoining parishes, many have been very hopefully impressed. Among other cheering circumstances, several unbaptized adults have sought admission into the Church by baptism. In no case has there as yet occurred anything seriously to shake the confidence of God's people in the sincerity of the converts, although sub­jected by the sceptical to the severest application of the Scrip­ture test, "By their fruits ye shall know them."—Scottish Guardian. From 'The Revival Newspaper,' Volume ii, p133.

Additional Information

The revival probably took place in the Free Church which is where the marker is.

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