Montrose (1859)

In Montrose, this movement is being industriously carried on throughout the town at present. It is not confined to one sect or Church, but all seem to be doing something in its progress. A nightly prayer meeting is held in the Castle Street Free Mission Church; two special services a week in Mr Campbell's U.P. Church; two in Mr Hyslop's U.P. Church, while several other special services have been held in other churches, and all the meetings have been well attended. The Rev. Mr Marshal of St. Peter's Episcopal Church is devoting himself specially to outdoor services and might have been seen labouring on Sunday and Tuesday evenings with large congregations surrounding him.

"The Scottish Guardian," September 9th, 1859.


Religious services were held at Montrose on Friday and Saturday, 21st and 22nd inst., and were accompanied by an evident blessing. A preliminary meeting for prayer was held on Thursday evening, and the open-air services commenced on Friday at 11 o'clock, Major Davidson presiding. The whole of that and of the following day was occupied, with brief intervals, by the delivery of addresses and the offering up of prayer and praise. From two to three thousand attended the meetings on the Links; and in the evenings the large area of the New Markets was crowded by a most attentive audience, a meeting being also held in an Independent Chapel in the neighbourhood, for those who could not gain admission to the Markets. During the two days addresses were delivered by ministers and laymen of various denominations. Others also took part in the devotional exercises and in conversation with the inquirers, of whom a considerable number repaired during the day to the place appointed for them, or remained after the evening meetings. Some cases of prostration occurred, but the whole services were quiet, solemn, and impressive, without any undue excitement. The services in the New Markets were resumed on Sabbath evening, and it was resolved that meetings should be held every evening during the two following weeks.

"The Wynd Journal," September 29th, 1860.

Additional Information

It does not sound like revival, but there are several similar accounts and i am sure there was one here. There were also revivals locally.

This church in Castle Street might be the one mentioned - not sure.

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