Island of Lewis (1860)

At the Religious Institution Rooms on Thursday, a clergyman in town stated that he had received a letter from a minister in Lewis, informing him that the revival movement is general over the whole island. The revival was a hundred-fold more extensive than that which visited the island in 1812. There are none of the excesses of that period; still there is frequent agitation of body, with sobs and outcries. Many strong and hale men have been brought under its influence. Places which were formerly used for people meeting in, and spending the Lord's-day in a careless manner are now deserted. The young attend the prayer meetings in large numbers. Two circumstances had lately occurred in the island which had been the means of leading the people to think about eternal things. About six months ago a boat's crew was lost in the neighbourhood of the island; and about the same time a woman lost her life by falling over a cliff. So great was the effect these occurrences produced amongst the people, that prayer meetings were immediately commenced, and so well attended is the one held in the church that meetings have frequently to be held outside.

"The Scottish Guardian," February 11th, 1860.

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