Kelso (1862)

Dear Sir,-Amongst the many blessings arising from the great and widespread revival, I wish to mention the following: St. James' Fair was held the other day in Kelso, attended by crowds from all quarters, thirsting after perishing and empty pleasures. Hearing of this, some may ask, What about the revival in this district?

Let us see. I know above forty that were last year amongst the crowd St. James' Fair, who remained at home this year. At a certain farm place, about two and a half miles from Kelso, which was a nest of carelessness some seven or eight months ago, but where the blessed Spirit has aroused these sleeping ones, all, except three, professed the change, and they too are or were anxious also. What about them on St. James' Fair day? "The farther we are from the Fair the better." These changed ones met and had tea together, and spoke of God's doings in their midst, and of their thankfulness to Him for his sovereign grace. After tea, they were addressed by Dr. Bonar's missionary, Mr Murray, and Mr Kirkland. A happy meeting, indeed. One of them, who had been often at the Fair, and never left sober, came home without tasting the fire water, and in his own homely may, sit, "t came home the night for the first time sober from the Fair."

"The Wynd Journal," August 23rd, 1862.

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