Greenlaw Free Church (1861)

At Greenlaw too there has been a great awakening.which began at the beginning of the prayer union in January and there have been nightly meetings since in the Free Church, besides many meetings at villages and farms around. The Rev. John Fairbairn has been indefatigable in the work, and he has been aided by Mr Stoddart from Kelso, and various ministers from the district, and lay friends from Edinburgh, We cannot speak of numbers; but what the writer saw when there gave clear evidence of a real and widespread work. At Swinton, too, the hand of the Lord has been with the Rev. Thomas Wright, and an awakening, beginning with the conversion of a young man, has spread in and around the village, with most precious results.

"The Wynd Journal," March 2nd 1861.

Additional Information

A source said it wasm where marked but it looks an unlikely building.

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