Findochty (1863)

When the representatives of the newly formed Evangelistic Association for Scotland arrived on the Moray Coast to investigate the lasting effects of this revival, they 'visited some of the fruits of the last awakening', but also found that another wave had begun at Portgordon, and reported 'the work commenced here about the beginning of the year'. (1863)

 This time it did not attract the attention of the local press, and only one account appears headed “Portessie, Findochty and Portknockie

In the second place, of 600 inhabitants...the work began among the children ... A minister was invited to come and hold a series of religious meetings. The power of God was manifest in the conversion of souls. Backsliders were reclaimed and believer were revived. Meetings were held for some weeks and about the end of the year (1862) the Spirit was poured out in the following way: A number of young men held a prayer meeting among the rocks and such was the deep and overpowering emotion they were under that they determined to go through their village and to speak from house to house, and to invite them out to prayer. Several joined them, and they went through the village singing a psalm. The children determined that they should hold a prayer meeting themselves, as they were not allowed into the other prayer meeting on account of want of room. They went to the walls of a Church yet unfinished. After a time, they all came under deep conviction of their sinful state, and several cried out in agony of mind. With such strong crying, tears, and in ‘bitterness’ were they seized, that the noise of their distress reached the houses. Those of them who knew the truth prayed for the unconverted among them and then went and urged them to receive Christ. These exhortations were so blessed of God that almost everyone became affected and a general spirit of prayer was poured out. From this place, they went to a hall already filled with grown up people. There also the Lord wrought graciously in pouring out such a spirit of concern that the whole place became affected. On the following day, some of the young men went to an adjacent village and there also the same work was manifested. Work stopped for 16 days in the area.

A boy of 8 years of age once, under strong convictions, spoke in the meeting, and his words made such a deep impression that more were convicted and converted than on any other occasion. He still continues to speak, but not with his former power.

In short, the whole place professes to be converted, with the exception of five or six persons who keep close together and apart from the others. They fear contact with God's people, knowing that some who, in their boldness, went to drag their children away from the meeting have been arrested on the spot, and seized with overwhelming terrors, have cried out for mercy. One woman thus arrested remained in the place of meeting all night in prayer, and did not leave till she found rest in Christ…

A lad who had an impediment in his speech, when converted, all of a sudden began to pray with much fervour and fluency, and even addressed meetings without any indication of his defect. This was remarked by all, but is by no means a singular case.

"Children in Revival' by Harry Sprange, pages 243-5.

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