Burray - Orkneys (1861)

Rev. Mr Ingram held a prayer meeting at the UP church here on the evening of Saturday 26 at 8 o'clock and ere the hour of meeting arrived the church was completely filled. We saw none standing but the passages were blocked up. Mr Ingram opened the meeting with praise and prayer and reading the Scriptures and afterwards addressed the meeting and judging from the very earnest manner of his appeals to every sinner to come and receive the salvation which is offered in the gospel, we believe he has received an abundant outpouring of the Holy Spirit, as we have rarely heard words fraught with so much earnestness. After finishing his short but deeply impressive address, he gave some account of what is going on in Eday, by pointing to a few particular cases which he did not mention the preceding evening. During all the time the attentive audience seem deeply moved and a breathless silence prevailed. On the sabbath following he preached in the forenoon and in the afternoon with both services being marked with the deepest earnestness on the part of the preacher and deep attention on the part of the hearers. We trust his visit to Our island will have the effect of awakening among us a spirit of enquiry and arousing us to a sense of our duty in this very important era of the history of the church.

'Orkney Herald', 5/2/1861

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