Carnwarth (1859)

The U.P. and Free congregations, during winter, have been holding united prayer meetings once a fortnight in each church alternately. On Monday it was held in the Free Church, Mr Walker presiding. Among other interesting matters, it was stated by Mr Walter that the revival had spread to the neighbouring parishes of Kirkund, Broughton, &c. - that the movement had originated with a young man who was educated at Carnwath, and who had come under deep impressions of religion. This individual's impressions were so strong that he could not resist the impulse of speaking to his neighbours upon the subject, and in that rural district upwards of thirty persons had, to all appearance, undergone the great change, while the whole population were so much affected that trade the churches, at the prayer meeting, were crowded to overflowing, and family worship, which, with many, had and long fallen into desuetude, was again resumed, and was more universal. Mr Young, of Edinburgh, who is a native of our town, addressed the meeting and delivered a most interesting and impressive address, in the course of which he stated what he had witnessed in Ireland; and in the most solemn manner beseeched his auditors not to lose a moment in accepting of the free offer of salvation through the crucified Redeemer. The audience listened throughout with the most profound attention. - Hamilton Advertiser

"Scottish Guardian," March 6th, 1860 

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