Stuartsfield (1863)

Mr Galbraith writes: -About the commencement of the year 1862, the church was visited with a precious shower of spiritual blessing. It was preceded by much earnest prayer, and had been long looked for by several of the brethren; but when the blessing came, it took all by surprise. About the New Year, while Mr Stradin, now of Woodside, and myself were conducting a special religious meeting at one of my out stations, a good many young persons appeared to be awakened to a sense of their sinfulness and guilt and brought to trust in Jesus. The night after, at a meeting held in the chapel, many more were brought under conviction. This was the beginning of a good work, which continued for many months. For a considerable period hardly a meeting was held at which some good did not appear to be done. People crowded to hear the Word. They flocked to the meeting. They wished to be spoken to and dealt with personally. Some who "came to scoff remained to pray;" and even those who were not themselves brought under conviction seemed afraid to ridicule what appeared to have so much of reality about it. Good fruit has been gathered, although not a few of those who were awakened, fell into a deeper sleep than before; but of those whom I came personally in contact with, by far the greater number have stood fast and remain to this day. A considerable number, of various ages and sexes, were added to the church. And although, for some time past, there have been hardly any apparent cases of conversion, yet I believe good is being done, and a noiseless and quiet, but none the less effective, influence is operating in the minds of many who hear the Word and crowd the domestic prayer meeting which will issue by and by in decisive results. We have got the early, but we look now for the latter, rain. May the Lord hasten it in His time.

"The Revival," July 23rd 1863.

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